About Us
We are an executive recruiting and professional development firm, with extensive industry background, focusing on delivering high quality service and long-term relationships, serving:
  • private equity firms
  • venture capital firms
  • boutique investment banks
  • corporate business development departments
  • portfolio companies backed by private equity and venture capital firms

For over 20 years, we have assisted our clients with their staffing needs at the following levels:

  • Analyst
  • Associate
  • Vice President
  • Principal
  • Partner

In each of our recruiting assignments, Phoenix Group International:

  • Develops a strong understanding of the client, its culture, the requirements of the position(s), and the types of candidates sought.
  • Reaches the broadest universe of candidates possible through our:
    • e-mail database which grows daily
    • website which is widely known and linked to many other websites and all major search engines
    • industry contacts
    • strong research staff
  • Reveals the name of the client (unless client anonymity is requested) so prospective candidates can research the client.
  • Uses our industry knowledge and recruiting experience to screen the available candidate pool and provide clients with the most qualified and interested individuals, saving clients valuable time.
  • Communicates feedback and provides guidance throughout the recruitment process so both clients and candidates are aware of their status.
  • Assists in negotiating the terms of the offer and the completion of appropriate reference checks. Ensures the entire recruiting process is handled:

        Competently         Efficiently           Professionally

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