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To stay competitive in today's employment market, hiring superior talent has become a strategic imperative. Every person must actively contribute to the bottom line. There is no room for mistakes. That talent is not usually easy to find or hire. Very often, the best candidates are satisfied in their current jobs and are not looking for a new position. They must be identified and then enticed to leave. Firms need professional recruiters to assist them to find, attract, and hire this highly-qualified and sought-after talent. Regardless of the economy, nothing has changed the basic goal of hiring the best talent.

Phoenix Group International offers the following three fee alternatives:

Traditional – A standard fee agreed to with the client. Phoenix Group International will be actively involved throughout the recruiting process.

Container – A unique combination of contingency and retainer recruiting. There is a reasonable initial fee with a lower overall fee compared to the traditional recruitment method. The advantage of a Container for both parties is the mutual commitment made to complete the assignment. Phoenix Group International will be actively involved throughout the recruiting process.

PGIConnect – A firm can list a position on the Phoenix Group International website for an agreed upon timeframe and a reasonable fee. This is an effective recruiting tool for a firm who has the time to manage the recruiting process themselves and wants to reach a large audience of qualified candidates. Clients should contact a Phoenix Group recruiter to learn more about the three fee options.

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