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Q. What is the Phoenix Group International focus?

A. PGI specializes in the following business areas: 
  • Private Equity
  • Venture Capital
  • Alternative Asset Management
  • Investment Banking
  • Portfolio Companies
The positions we fill include, but are not limited to:

  • Analysts
  • Associates
  • Vice Presidents
  • Principals
  • Partners
  • CEO/COO/CFO postions in portfolio companies
Q. At what level does Phoenix Group International have the most openings?

A. Although we fill positions at all levels - Analyst, Associate, Vice President, Principal, and Partner, most openings are:

Pre-MBA level
2 to 3 years out of undergraduate school

Post-MBA level
1 to 2 years of work experience following completion of an MBA or graduate-level program.

Q. What are the traditional backgrounds of your candidates?

A. Virtually all positions require candidates with investment banking, consulting, or industry experience. Venture capital firms usually prefer candidates with electrical engineering and computer science backgrounds.

Q. Does Phoenix Group International work on international openings and are the requirements different for positions overseas?

A. Yes, we recruit for international positions. Most opportunities require specific language skills, together with country or regional passports, (example, EU). Regarding non-U.S. citizens working in the United States, we find that candidate visa sponsorship varies by company.

Q. What makes Phoenix Group International different from other recruitment firms?


Our recruiters have substantial work experience in both business and recruiting. The recruiter working on an assignment is responsible for the process of filling the position from start to finish.

Unlike some firms, we do identify the hiring client to the prospective candidate and do so for the following reasons: To measure the candidate's interest in the firm. To ensure the candidate has not already interviewed with the client or has been presented to the client through another source. Occasionally, a client firm will ask us not to identify them by name, however, that is the exception and not the rule. Prior to forwarding a candidate's resume to a client, we always obtain the candidate's consent.

"Unlike some other firms, we do not just present resumes, we represent candidates."

Warning: All candidates should beware of firms (normally online recruitment companies) that send out candidate resumes without notifying the candidate of the client's name.

At Phoenix Group International, we take pride in the fact that we identify the client to our candidates; we:

  1. Confirm the candidate's interest and secure their permission prior to sending a resume to the client.
  2. Notify the candidate of the client's level of interest.
  3. Schedule interviews and communicate feedback throughout the process.
  4. Assist in negotiating the compensation package, including reference checks as requested.
Throughout the process, (which generally lasts several weeks), we will keep both the client and candidate informed of all feedback. All candidates are treated with respect and honesty.

Q. How does a candidate apply for a position?

A. Each candidate should take the following steps:

  1. Review the Job Listings on the Phoenix Group International website
  2. Identify positions of interest.
  3. Enroll in PGIConnect, our interactive recruiting tool. Each job posted identifies the recruiter or recruiters who are managing that assignment and when you apply to that job assignment, the recruiter is immediately notified.
  4. Sign up for Job Alert in PGIConnect for immediate notification of new opportunities listed on our website in your areas of interest. Be sure to turn the alert “on”!
After a candidate expresses interest in a particular position, their resume will be sent to the client only if:

  • The candidate is qualified and meets the client's hiring criteria.
  • The candidate has given approval to have their background presented to the identified client.
We notify the candidate of the client's interest level. Assuming there is interest on the part of the client, we will then be involved in setting up the telephone or on-site interviews. Throughout the process, we obtain feedback from both parties and relay that information to both sides, the client and the candidate. If there is negative feedback and the process stops, we will make every effort to determine why the candidate is no longer under consideration and communicate that information. If there is continued interest and the process reaches the point of an offer, we will be an active participant throughout the offer process.

Q. In addition to utilizing Phoenix Group International, a full-service recruitment firm, should I also use an Online Recruiting Company?

A. There are advantages and disadvantages to using an online recruiting firm. Online firms have come under harsh criticism recently because they generally use email as their primary form of communication and rely on high resume volume, with little or no personal contact. Some online recruitment firms don't even read your resume, instead they rely on a computer to read it! As an individual, you should investigate the process that works best for your career advancement.

Disadvantages include:

Not knowing the name of the client to whom your resume is being directed can result in a number of negative situations, including the following:

  1. If all you read is a vague job description, without the client name, it could be a position with your current employer or a subsidiary or portfolio company of your employer.

    You must have 100% faith that your recruiting firm will obtain your permission prior to forwarding your background to a prospective employer.

    The absence of personal contact tends to leave most candidates in the dark. Information is power and many recruiting firms do not supply the information.
  2. The client could be a company with whom you have interviewed and may still be pending. The client may wonder why you are having your resume resent when you are already under consideration.
  3. You may not be interested in the client company. 
  4. When your resume is directed to a firm without your knowledge, you could be caught off guard if contacted by a company representative prior to doing research or visiting their website.

Advantages include:

  1. Speed in notifying candidates regarding new openings 
  2. Quick response by candidates to opportunities of interest

    At Phoenix Group International, we pride ourselves on the highest degree of personal contact with both clients and candidates.

    Words of advice:

    Some recruiting firms may ask you to check a box on a form giving them permission to forward your resume to their clients. We advise candidates not to have their resumes forwarded to a client unless the candidate knows exactly where their resume is being sent.

    As a candidate, do not let other recruiting firms know where you are interviewing. A recruiter might use that information to contact the interviewing company, get the job listing, and present candidates who would be competing against you!

    You are responsible for managing your career - don't relinquish that responsibility!

    Q. What are the compensation components a candidate can expect?

    A. Private equity and venture capital firms: the compensation components include base salary, bonus, carried interest, and co-investing rights.

    At junior levels, base and bonus are standard, with an opportunity for co-investing in some cases.

    At senior levels, carried interest is usually a component. Sometimes carried interest is contingent upon 6 to 18 months of proven performance.

    Investment banking, corporate business development, and consulting: the compensation generally includes base salary and bonus, with stock options, in some cases.

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