Today, the competitive, client-driven organization must fully integrate all aspects of its infrastructure to successfully meet the demands of clients. Clients today are more sophisticated, requiring a faster, more responsive organization to meet their needs. Traditionally, organizations have focused their client management strategies on the front-line employee who interfaced with the client on a regular basis. Today, however, successful organizations recognize that all employees share in the responsibility of managing client expectations.

Today, organizations must be both externally focused and internally responsive in order to maximize client potential. They must develop a long-term consultative relationship with the client providing consistent and accurate client service. An informed support staff which understands its role in the process and can communicate effectively will help ensure that the organization meets its strategic goals. In addition, employees are more likely to take a proactive approach to the process when they believe they have an impact on client management.

Our quality client management programs are designed to enhance the support and operational staffs' understanding of the total client management process. They target strategic communication and influencing skills necessary for successful client management. Through discussion, exercises, role plays and simulations, participants will explore topics such as competitive analysis, global challenges, effective communication and influencing skills, and quality client service principles.