In today's highly competitive market environment, it is the responsibility of the sales professional to analyze the need to exclusively differentiate capabilities to the client. In order to effectively achieve this, three major areas must be understood and incorporated into the business development process:

The successful business development professional today must learn how to integrate and balance the following business development skills in order to set strategy and maximize each client contact.



- The Business Development Funnel of Opportunity *

- Understanding the Dynamics of Client Strategy and Philosophy

- The "Know Your Client" Principle

- The Relationship Ladder *

- Business Development Professional as Catalyst - Introducing New Ideas and

Managing Change

- Strategic Alternatives: Transaction vs. Relationship Approach

- The Wedge and Upgrade Strategy *

- Client Penetration: Analysis of the Client Buying Center

- Competitive Analysis and Exclusive Differentiation

- Anticipating, Preparing,and Handling Impasses


BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT SKILLS - Managing Client Relationships

- Selling from a Position of Strength: The Power of the Franchise

- Gathering Quality Information to Know Your Client and Differentiate

- The Questioning Strategy: Multiple Questioning Options

- Probing vs. Responding

- Control: Maintaining and Regaining Control in Client Situations

- Listening and Maintaining Focus

- Handling and Refocusing Objections

- Persistence in Asking Difficult Questions - Penetrating the "Impasse Zone"

- Maintaining a Positive, Proactive Posture

- Upgrading Plateaued Client Relationships