The Strategic Leadership Forum is designed to teach participants to recognize and build leadership skills necessary to effectively develop the maximum potential of the organization and achieve the concept of strategic partnering. This is necessary in order to build a truly integrated organization capable of operating in today's competitive environment.

Today, the successful leader must learn how to integrate and balance leadership skills in order to determine and implement business strategy.




Today's Competitive Environment: A Market Perspective

Successful Organizations: Externally Focused and Internally Responsive
Corporate Renewal

Influence: Gaining Commitment and Achieving Results

Matrixed and Hierarchical Organizations
Influence Effectiveness
Influence Styles Positive Power and Business Relationships
Situational Diagnosis and Influence Styles
Conflict and Consensus Building
Negotiating for Optimal Results

Leadership: Integrating the Individual with Organizational Goals

Leadership and Authority
Authority and Responsibility
Leadership Styles
Leadership Factors and Strategies
Planning Human Resource Strategies

Team Building: Linking the Organization

Team Dynamics: Roles and Responsibilities
Team Leadership and Team Members
Task Force Management - A Team of Peers
Team Effectiveness and Business Styles

Problem Solving: A Comprehensive, Realistic and Applied Exercise